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This tutorial has been created by: Metamorphosis at Webclass.ru

Class Styles

Welcome to my new *Series "Class Styles 101". The format of learning will be strictly visual whenever possible. Over the next few months I will be adding additional Styles you can create from my personal collection. To keep things simple, we will be throwing out all selections, clipping paths,filters, layer masks,additional layers, and all tools...well almost all.

This class is intended for beginners new to Photoshop. It will familiarize the user with working knowledge of the Layer Style palette and will allow you to add a New Style saved to your private library at the end of each session.

The only tools you will need are the Text tool and the Layer Style and Layers palette.

All that will be necessary is the switching of palette views and input of data. When working Tutorials, simply compare image views and input data into fields directly below.

Important note... All created files will be at 225 dpi. Styles created will produce high quality printing, and can be converted to web use easily.

Let's get started...but first some basic's of using the Layer Style palette. Don't be concerned with recalling all information below at first glance, this page is intended as a reference source for all class sessions. It will be updated when needed.

Launching the Layer Style palette
In the Layers palette, (after text is created) click on the bottom left button with the "F" to bring up the pop-up menu and choose selection.


An alternate method using the Menu would be: Go to Layer > Layer Style > (then choose category from above).

Anatomy of the Layer Style palette.
The palette is disected into 3 working area's. Left you will find the Category Styles panel. This is where you will switch to different palette controls. To do so, simply click on the category name to change controls in center area of palette.


Center panel
displays each category's controls. Below is a sample of the Pattern Overlay controls.


Right panel displays 3 buttons and a preview of your "New Style" as it is being created for your library.

OK...Apply's effects and closes Layer Style palette. (only use when all work is completed and the "New Style" has been saved.)

Cancel... Self explanatary.

New Style... Clicking this button brings up a dialog box that allows you to name your "New Style" prior to saving and adding to the Styles library. Use this button to save Style at the end of each session!


Adding a Pattern to the Pattern Overlay library
Open image in Photoshop.


Using the Menu... Go to Edit > Define Pattern and a dialog box will appear that allows you to name the pattern. Name it if you like, then hit OK to load it to the Pattern Overlay library.


Using the Color wells.
Clicking a Color well activates the Color Picker. Here you can simply click a desired color or enter data at bottom of palette. Click OK when finished to close.


Converting 225 dpi graphics to 72 dpi Web use.
Go to Image > Image Size. When the dialog panel appears, Enter 72 dpi and reset Width and Height sizes to original dimensions.

Accessing the various libraries.
Clicking the drop-down arrow displays the current library. Clicking the right arrow button launches the library pop-up menu.


Applying your Styles.
In the Styles palette, simply click a button to apply the effects. If the Styles palette is not visible, go to Window > Styles.


Now, that we are all pro's on these basic techniques...

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