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Design Theory 22: Web Page Mock Ups

Uploaded: 19th Jun. 2002
Created By: Peter Phelan
Website design and construction needs careful planning. And just like designing conventional brochures or literature, it pays to sketch out your ideas before you actually start creating the individual elements of the project. Part of this mock up process is the useof 'Lorem Ipsum' text to mock up body text. more details >>

Design Theory 23: Populating a Drop Down Menu with Info from a Database

Uploaded: 19th Jun. 2002
Created By: Andy Red
Drop Downs are tremendously useful and they are commonly used for forms throughout the WWW. We can use our new found programming language to our advantage to develop a easier way to manage our drop down lists, and that method involves building a database. more details >>

Design Theory 24: Top Ten Web Design Tips

Uploaded: 14th Apr. 2003
Created By: Luke Humble
This article will cover the top ten design tips that I live by. I've spent the last few weeks formulating this list and if you run a website or are a professional web developer, then this list will be of great importance to you! more details >>

Design Theory 25: Design Usability and Graphics Compression

Uploaded: 26th May. 2003
Created By: Lolaness
The first thing that we should know about the two most popular Internet Browsers, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, is that they don't display web pages in the same way.

To make matters even more confusing, neither do PC or Mac computers display images the same way. In short, images created on a Mac appear much darker on a PC, and images created on a PC appear much lighter on a Mac. Pixel size differences (72 pixels per inch on a Mac and 96 pixels per inch on a PC at 640x480) make font sizes vastly different.
more details >>

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